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Bodmin Life falls under the ‘Life’ publications created by a small, community-focused team who truly understand what local publications mean to small Cornish communities. With team members using their skills and knowledge in sales, writing and online content production, social media and so much more, we are able to promote and support local businesses, organisations and the community through a range of different media services. 


The ‘Life’ brand was launched by our director Ellie Mason in 2018, when she took on a small publication in Launceston, Cornwall, and transformed it into an informative and positive publication known as ‘Launceston Life’.


In summer 2021, the team were delighted to acquire the much-loved magazine ‘Bodmin Banner’ and have since taken it under the Life brand’s wing. 


Here at Bodmin Life, we are passionate about boosting the local community’s potential and whether that’s through our quarterly magazine, online content, marketing services and extra media channels, just know our team is here to help and offer as much support to Bodmin businesses, organisations and residents as possible. 


We want to bring out the best in our community, and that means shouting about local achievements and milestones, writing creative and positive articles so everyone is up-to-date on Bodmin events and information, promoting local businesses through our fantastic advertising opportunities, and just being there for the town, helping Bodmin have its place in the spotlight like it truly deserves. 


As a print and media company, Bodmin Life recognises its responsibility to the environment. That’s why our magazine is printed by Deltor, which is just one of a handful of certified Carbon Balanced Printers in the UK. That means your bimonthly magazine is produced using Carbon Balanced Paper and a Carbon Balanced Printer and is carbon neutral.

Meet The Team


Ellie Mason

Director & Client Engagement


Claire Pearce

Head of Client Engagement


Rosie Cripps

Head of Community Engagement


Mimi Attenburrow

Junior Community Engagement


Kim Ashworth

Junior Client Engagement


Emma Eccles

Junior Community Engagement

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