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A circular walk from Blisland to Lavethan Woods

Spring was a latecomer this year! Despite lengthening days and the magic combination of copious amounts of rain followed by fantastic sunshine, many trees tightly clung onto their leaves, and only recently have the bluebells unfurled and released their dusky blue flowers. Still, the signs were encouraging, making the perfect excuse for a walk!

Despite a forecast that said cloud, we headed to the pretty moorland village of Blisland in brilliant warm sunshine for a circular walk from the village which would take in the ancient woodland at Lavethan Wood. Starting out from the village church described by Sir John Betjemen as the most beautiful country church he’d seen here in the west, we made our way through riverside meadows, traversing a bridge over a fast-running Mill Stream (tributary of the River Camel).

Up into Lavethan Woods we climbed, the dark tree canopy showing signs that leaves were finally opening, the woodland floor speckled with bluebells and delicate white wood anemones giving it a magical fairyland feeling!

Crossing fields, and a short section along the road, we returned to the woodland again, descending past lush mossy tree stumps and many more bluebells opening out into the mid-morning sun. Finding ourselves at a stone bridge, we briefly detoured to see St. Pratt’s Cross and Holy Well just up the hill, venturing back down again to rejoin the woodland trail along the bottom of the valley which hugged the meandering stream. The sky opened up once again and we left the canopy of the trees to find ourselves back in a riverside meadow. Climbing back up the other side of the river, we were soon back at the church.


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