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A woman’s mission to provide Porthpean beach with a defibrillator

Local lady Liza Crabtree is on a mission to fundraise for a defibrillator to be installed at Porthpean beach.

Liza uses Porthpean beach for swim meets with her local cold water swimming group and, during winter swims, she noticed just how difficult it would be for somebody to access the nearest defibrillator, located in the village.

Liza is planning to raise enough money - £2,600 to be precise - to install a defibrillator with casing on the wall of the beach cafe/shop so it is easily accessible to all beach users. She has been receiving support from Duchy Defibrillators and FLEET.

Many of our readers will be familiar with Porthpean beach. Just a half-hour drive from Bodmin, it is one of the area’s closest beaches and is popular with sunbathers, swimmers, kayakers and walkers alike. Having a defibrillator on-site will mean beach-goers can have vital access to a potentially life-saving piece of equipment.

Liza plans to use excess funds for beach safety courses, or give to other community groups looking to install a defibrillator.


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