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Adventuring at Cardinham Woods this summer

Cardinham Woods recently opened its brand new play equipment for children to enjoy during these warm, sunny days!

There is something for everyone in the play area, conveniently close to the car park and cafe. The ‘Owl Shack’ is perfect for youngsters who love balancing, climbing, and sliding. The ‘Giant Buzzard Nest Swing’ is perfect for gently rocking little ones to sleep, or for older kids to see how many friends can fit on and how high they can fly!

The play equipment has been designed to celebrate some of the amazing birds of prey seen regularly at Cardinham Woods. The evocative call of the buzzard is heard daily as they soar majestically above the treetops. The resident barn owl comes out to hunt at night, scouring the wet meadows at Cardinham Woods which are full of their favourite prey, such as harvest mice and voles.

The equipment has been built by south west company, Earth Wrights, using sustainable materials such as FSC® hardwood. Sustainable timber not only locks up carbon from the atmosphere for its lifetime, but also means more trees will be planted in its place, supporting the fight against climate change.

Holly Berwick, Cardinham Woods Recreation Ranger, said: “It’s fantastic to have the Owl Shack and Giant Buzzard Nest Swing installed at Cardinham Woods. The play equipment will really help younger visitors connect with the woodland and its amazing wildlife.”

Families can also enjoy the Zog Family Activity Trail at Cardinham Woods. Zog is a loveable, if somewhat clumsy dragon at Madam Dragon’s school who is always striving to win a golden star. Zog learns lots of essential dragon skills including flying, roaring, and capturing princesses. Children can join Zog on a magical adventure to learn essential lessons, just like Zog.

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