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An inspiring collaboration built in Bodmin

Two artists that have both been featured independently in past editions of Bodmin Life have become an inspiring music duo.

Jen Groeber, artist, composer and producer at Ruinarte and Bodmin based music studio, Morvil Studio, met Robert Gillet ‘Robbie’ of Beneath the Tracksuit during her community outreach project, Studio Bodmin which took place early in 2022.

Local poet, MS warrior and mental health activist, Robbie was one of the artists who applied. Almost a year on, a unique and inspiring collaboration has evolved and on February 3rd Ruinarte and Robbie released the first of a series of albums, Beneath vol. 1.

Jen, who is also a qualified Psychiatrist, told Bodmin Life, “The album explores the experience of living with a neurological disorder and the consequent mental health struggles that can accompany it.”

Robbie stated, “Mental health issues and invisible illnesses are not often talked about and many people carry that burden alone. I hope this album will inspire and comfort those it reaches.”

And it could reach far, as the collaboration continues all the way to America! The cover has been designed by Atom St. George from California, “who tells his own story of living with MS through the medium of art.” A partnership built through shared artistic expression via social media.

Jen continued, “It was an honour to musically explore Robbie's journey with him and work together on creating a sound that reflected both of our influences and experiences.”

Bodmin is a buzzing hub of creativity and there are many organisations all over the town that are holding supportive and friendly spaces that promote skill sharing, collaboration and creative wellbeing. Take a look at our ‘Wosson’ pages and see if there is an activity or workshop that could benefit you!

Find Jen, Robbie and Atom St George on Instagram: @ruinarte / @morvilstudio/ @beneath_the_tracksuit/ @atomstgeorge


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