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Bodmin Rotary welcomes their first female President

Bodmin Rotary Club has welcomed its first female president.

The Rotary Club has been helping and supporting people in the town for 70 years, and each year introduces a new president. The 2022/2023 Bodmin Rotary President is a woman, for the very first time. That lady is Su Tune, who recently received the President's ceremonial chain from Pete Ford, who was President last year.

Su is a farmer, rearing beef cattle, and is a practical and quite literally down-to-earth person.

In her year as Club President she is keen to make the community in Bodmin more aware of what Bodmin Rotary is all about and how it serves the community. She also wants to see the club attract more people to join and play an active role in helping those in the community who need help and support.

She has many ideas to simplify and modernise how Rotary functions while retaining the key values of service to the community and fellowship among members.

To find out more about Bodmin Rotary, complete the contact form on or message the Bodmin Rotary Facebook page.


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