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Celebrating the first KBSK young people to fly the nest!

Good luck to the KBSK young people, Amy, Aidan and George as they jetè off to London and Essex this month to further their education in dance and musical theatre.

George Donaghy developed his leadership skills as a young community lead at Adie Dove’s non-profit organisation, KBSK, which aims to make the arts accessible to every child. Adie says, ‘We believe that the arts is a human right and no child should be denied the opportunity to access the arts.’

George has been part of KBSK for around a year while studying drama, dance and music at Bodmin College. After auditioning successfully, George has been accepted to further his studies on a BA (hons) Theatre Dance degree at the prestigious London Studio Centre.

George spoke to Bodmin Life and said he is ‘excited to move away’, although leaving KBSK will be hard. But he is excited to watch KBSK grow and plans to pop back occasionally!

Amy Langford is one of the first students to leave KBSK to pursue further studies after being a regular at the school for five years. After multiple auditions and several acceptance letters, Amy has chosen to study BA (hons) Musical Theatre and Dance at Performers College, Essex.

Amy told Bodmin Life: “I used to count down the days and hours to KBSK’s after school dance class and it is what got me through each school day!”

KBSK has developed Amy’s confidence, from being so nervous and shy that she had to push herself to return to do what she loves best, to heading off to Essex to continue her studies in musical theatre!

Aidan Drew similarly used to be so nervous he struggled to come through the door but his passion for the arts made him take the first steps on his creative journey. In the five-and-a half years that he regularly attended KBSK classes, Adie and her team of community leads and volunteers empathetically built his confidence and encouraged him to develop his talent.

KBSK has also supported Aiden throughout his foundation year at the prestigious local dance academy, Jason Thomas Dance. They now celebrate his next big step as he heads off a year early to further his studies at the age of 17, after being scouted at a workshop held by Sharpe Academy. Despite his age, Aidan was offered a fully funded Level 6 Diploma in Musical Theatre at Sharpe Academy, London.

Congratulations to Amy, Aidan and George and good luck for your incredibly bright futures!


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