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Cornish partnership delivers higher education courses to local people

Degree courses in Business Management, Digital Media and Creative & Professional Writing are available thanks to a three-way partnership between Bodmin College, Bodmin Town Council and Falmouth University.

All courses will be delivered by experienced professionals and accompanied by workshops run by industry leaders, and applications for September 2023 are now open! Visit for more information.

Students taking a course will be the first to experience lectures and seminars in the splendour of Shire House. A building where judges once rested and resided between cases held in the court opposite (now Shire Hall) makes an ideal space for learning.

Mark Talbot from Bodmin College said: “Shire House will provide the perfect setting for our new degree programme. The building’s rich history and stunning architecture will serve as inspiration for students, while also providing a unique and professional learning environment with access to the latest technology and resources.”

Mayor Cllr Phil Cooper added: “It’s an ideal opportunity for Shire House to be upgraded into an asset for the whole community.”

With its central location, close to Cornwall’s Science Museum, Bodmin College and Callywith FE College, Shire House is the perfect venue for delivering a university education to the whole of north and mid Cornwall.

Bodmin Town Council was keen to get onboard with Mark Talbot’s vision for HE courses in Bodmin, as both see the university courses reflecting the needs of the town with a focus on its rich heritage.

If you think a university education has passed you by, think again! The courses available for a September start are for anyone, from those who’ve just finished A levels to people wanting a career change or to enhance their current job while working and studying at the same time, and to those who simply want to stretch their minds.

There is demand from local industry managers and young people to study for a degree locally. Leaving home to attend university is great for some but for those who can’t or don’t want to, having access to a student-facing university course close to home is preferred.

POLOR4 (Participation of Local Areas) indicates that Bodmin, along with other parts of north and mid Cornwall, such as areas in St Austell and Newquay, are the most deprived when it comes to young participation rates in HE across the UK. University courses in Bodmin will go a long way to rectify this.

Mark said: “Having a university on your doorstep, with small numbers on each course, designed to be flexible and adaptable to students’ unique needs, encourages more students to be part of something that is town focussed.”

All courses provide people with skills to better serve the town’s need. It is hoped footfall to the town will increase, shops will sell locally produced goods, businesses will grow, and the town’s reputation as a place to study, work and live will be recognised.

Success story

A Digital Media course has been running out of Bodmin College for a few years. While Sam Bellenger studied Digital Media, he contributed to the town by producing, amongst other things, a mural on a business in Honey Street and designed flags that don the lampposts. He still lives in Bodmin but has a global impact.

He has just produced merchandise t-shirts for Ms Lauryn Hill, often regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time, as well as one of the most influential musicians of her generation.

Bodmin has always been a place of learning, as far back to Celtic times, priory, friary, hospital and courthouse. A new generation is enabled to access HE in their own town or county with state-of-the-art technology providing the necessary knowledge and skills for the workplace today.


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