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Cornwall’s place to experience the wonder of the Gyroplane!

An open-cockpit Gyroplane has now arrived at Bodmin Airfield and is available to members of the public who wish to learn, or even experience just once, how to fly in these amazing machines.

Affectionately known as ‘Primrose’, the new addition is a Magni M16C Gyroplane built in Italy. A Magni M16 holds the World Altitude record by a Gyroplane at 27000 ft, flown by Donatella Ricci in 2017.

Words fail to describe how much fun a flight in a Gyroplane really is. The visibility is stunning and the aircraft is both extremely stable and safe. Cornwall Flying Club is lucky to have two experienced pilots and instructors.

Come along to Bodmin Airfield, or give the team a call, and see for yourself! Primrose is available for Experience Flights or for learning to fly on a Private Pilot’s Licence (G) Course at Cornwall Flying Club, Bodmin Airfield. Come and find out what the ‘Gyro Grin’ is all about!

Find us at Bodmin Airfield, PL30 4BU or call 01208 821419 for more information.


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