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Create your own ‘Cornish Treasures’ at Bodmin Keep!

Bodmin Keep has been offering some incredible FREE workshops through the government-funded project Tresorys Kernow, which means ‘Cornish Treasures’.

Tresorys Kernow is a project, specifically aimed at the culture and heritage sector, that aims to help towns and villages recover from the crippling effects of Covid-19, with a special focus on ‘climate adaptation’, meaning that each activity aims to be climate conscious in response to the challenges we face with climate change.

There have been a wide range of fantastic workshops on offer including Bushcraft survival skills, lavender bag workshops using fabric scraps and furniture upcycling, just to name a few!

Bodmin Life were extremely lucky to book a space on one of the ‘Metalsmithing Workshops for Beginners’ at the end of May. This completely free workshop was taught by Laura Brown, from Elby Brown Jewellery, an incredibly talented local metalsmith and artist.

The workshop attendees were given clear instructions, guidance and help every step of the way, with expert advice and individual attention when needed. By the end of the session, it was remarkable how everyone in the class had made such unique silver rings - and it was all free!

These workshops are truly a gift to the community and are certainly helping individuals make their own Cornish treasures and memorable experiences. They inspire creativity in a friendly and social environment and encourage people to try new and exciting things that would usually be out of reach due to price and/or accessibility.

There is another ‘Metalsmithing Workshop for Beginners’ taking place on June 16th. Pre-booking is essential for this workshop, and it may already be full! However, it is always great to express your interest and leave positive feedback about these activities as this can really help the local cultural and heritage organisations continue to receive funding for the community, which enables them to continue to offer these unique and affordable events.

The final two workshops from this particular pot of funding are, ‘Visible Mending Workshop – for age 9+ years’ on Saturday 11th June and ‘Fabric Scrap Brooch Workshop – For Age 16+ years’ on Saturday 25th June. Pre-booking is essential.

If you wish to book one of these workshops or keep an eye on their upcoming events, then you can find out more on the Bodmin Keep Events webpage:


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