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Custom-made computer boots up

A brand new, bespoke computer was switched on at The Pad, Honey Street, Bodmin at the end of


Designed specially for Equally Abled, a social hub for adults and teenagers with disabilities or

additional needs, the computer has a huge screen for games and virtual reality functions and will

meet the very special needs of its users.

Scott & Nathan Cavill with Julie and David Bidgway

“The cost of such equipment is high,” said Bodmin’s deputy mayor Cllr Mike Barbery. “But people

rose to the challenge. Scott Cavill contributed £600, Beacon Beast Marathon - The Bodmin Way

gave £400 and Cllr Leigh Frost £100.”

The computer was designed and built by Bodmin College’s digital media undergraduate Nathan


Deputy Mayor Mike Barbery trying out the new PC

His dad, Scott Cavill, raised his donation towards the cost of the PC through sponsorship by

running Bodmin’s marathon. Scott said: “If I was going to put myself through this challenge, I was

determined to raise some money at the same time. I decided to support Kelvin at The Pad,

providing funds for a new PC. A third of the money came from my fellow ‘posties’ at Bodmin Royal

Mail. I am proud of my colleagues and that my son was able to make the PC I raised money for.”

Members of marathon planning team, David and Julie Bidgway, Sharon Hambley, Lesley

Taphouse, Barbara Brittain and Cllr Graham Mountcastle, attended the launch and were delighted

to have made a donation towards the PC from funds raised by the marathon.

Kelvin Donaghy, owner of The Pad and founder of Equally Abled at The Pad, said: “Thank you so

much for everything people have done. You don’t know how much enjoyment it will give.”

One regular attendee at the Equally Abled events at The Pad, Harvey Baird, said: “What I love about it

is the opportunity to hang out with friends, try out fun new games, have new experiences and

improve my technical ability.”

His friend, Joshua Holten, agreed. He said: ”I love the freedom of choice you get here at The Pad

on Equally Abled nights and to hang out and be social.”

The Pad is open to everyone. Currently, once a month, the Pad hosts an Equally Abled evening

event, exclusively for young adults. As well providing a space for games, Equally Abled creates

employment volunteer roles to offer work experience to those who attend. Kelvin hopes to extend

these opportunities and is seeking funding to offer the chance for younger children to attend their

own Equally Abled session before the adults arrive.

For more information, take a look at and

Pictures by Mark Rowe, Bodmin & District Camera Club


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