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Donate a Christmas dinner to a family in Cornwall

While many of us look forward to our delicious Christmas dinners on 25th December, for many people in Cornwall, this isn’t a reality.

With rising costs and financial worries on many people’s shoulders this winter, it will be difficult for some families to buy a Christmas dinner for the big day - which is where Cornwall Christmas Box comes in.

This charity works to put together and distribute ‘Christmas dinners in a box’ to families across Cornwall via Cornwall Council’s ‘Children’s Early Help, Social Care and Psychology Service’ and some children’s centres.

The boxes contain the items needed to create a Christmas dinner, plus festive treats, for families of up to six. Times are tough for everybody, so you don’t have to single-handedly put together a box either - you could share the cost between family members, a group of friends or even your office at work!

Last year, Cornwall Christmas Box delivered 3,500 boxes to local families, and the charity is keen to continue this support for 2022.

To donate a box, all you need to do is place your items in a box according to the checklist (available on the website), wrap it up and drop it off at a local collection point before 9th December.

Drop off points in Bodmin

Barefoot Media, Bodmin - email before to arrange collection.

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