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Dragstock rocked and Alstock wows the crowds

Remembering Al Hodge and celebrating music and community

Headliner: Tankus the Henge

Priory park was shadowed by the lights, laughter and line-up from the incredible Dragstock and Alstock events which took place over the last weekend in July.

Dragstock was held in a tent outside the Bodmin Football Club which included a bar, stage and ‘fabulous’ entertainment!

Absolutely Dragulous

‘Absolutely Dragulous’ are a high energy, very funny and professional act that had the audience dancing with them, singing with them, and even taking shots with them all night long! No need to repeat the rhyme they chanted before taking a shot!

‘Absolutely Dragulous’ were supported by local duo ‘The Guise’ and Cornish band ‘Small Wonder’ who dressed for the occasion! They looked beautiful! There were certainly some hidden skills in make-up artistry coming in to play!

‘The Guise’ warmed up the crowd with some chilled classics before ‘Absolutely Dragulous’ stormed the stage with a fabulous drag queen cabaret which included hilarious banter, entertaining crowd work, west end standard singing and shockingly wonderful dance moves!

‘Small Wonder’ played crowd pleasing covers that got the audience attempting to dance as brilliantly as the international drag duo! There was even a great collaborative performance between the two acts, creating a fun and unique rendition of ‘I will survive’!

Joey The Lips

This was a fantastic, fun and inclusive evening that was full of love and laughter! Thank you to the Alstock team for all your hard work over the last weekend of July!

The good vibes of a happy community spilled over into the main event the next day! Alstock was full of smiles and lots of dancing, despite the drizzle!

There were some incredible dance routines from KBSK who also did a slick routine to ‘Dollface’ in the evening!

The headliners ‘Tankus the Henge’ are truly one of the best musical acts to see live, with lead singer and multi-talented musician, Jaz Delorean demonstrating next level performance skills.

Towards the end of the night Bodmin Life bumped into our wonderful Mayor, Cllr Phil Cooper, who after a busy day at the produce market came to support and enjoy this incredible local event!

Rotten Mango

Every act was very professional and performed amazingly with ‘Rotten Mango’ being an absolute local favourite and the up and coming 'Cat Florence' continuing to make a very good name for herself! However, the Mayor’s hot picks were the crowd pleasing ‘Joey the Lips’ and the fantastic local band, ‘DM Street’!

Congratulations to the Alstock team and the incredible long list of supporters and sponsors! It is certainly a very special event for Bodmin!


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