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Have your say on the Bodmin Neighbourhood Development Plan

Bodmin’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) will guide and influence development in the parish for the period to 2030.

The plan has been led by community members and prepared in consultation with local people. Bodmin Town Council (BTC) and the NPD Steering Group have been assisted in preparing the plan by a team of consultants led by Summerfield Planning, AWP and Clifton Emery Design. The team includes specialist town planners, transport engineers and urban designers. A vision has been prepared to set out how Bodmin could change for the better, with a strategy and project ideas that point to how things could be improved.

This plan builds on national and regional planning policies to ensure that growth and development throughout the town and surrounding area is guided by the priorities and aspirations of the local community.

A series of pop-up events and an exhibition at Shire Hall will form part of the public consultation, which started on 21st August and will run for a minimum of six weeks. During this time you can view the draft plan and give feedback to help shape the final version, by visiting For more information, please visit


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