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Pop along to the Autism Friendly Santa's Grotto this Christmas!

Bodmin woman Katherine Blight is a caring parent that founded The Autism Friendly Grotto after struggling to find safe events for children with additional needs that would have benefitted her own son.

The grotto is extremely friendly, relaxed and a welcoming space for all ages.

This year the grotto will be popping up at Castle Canyke on December 10th and 11th and will be by ticket only! So, keep an eye on their Facebook page ‘Autism Friendly Santa’s Grotto Bodmin’ for bookings.

Kat said: “Last year, a couple of care homes brought adults with additional needs and one of the most rewarding experiences was a non-verbal adult being so in awe that they said their first word, ‘wow’.”

Kat also brings glad tidings of their expansion into Autism Friendly Events for the community to enjoy their events all year round!

Kat and Louise Gilbert, director of Autism Friendly Events, said they plan to produce more events throughout the year, and hope to become an accessible support hub for parents and people at all stages of diagnosis.


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