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Run the 2025 London Marathon for FLEET

We may have only just cheered the runners of the 2024 London Marathon over the finish line, but many will already be thinking about taking part in next year’s event.

The team after taking part in the 2024 London Marathon for FLEET

The London Marathon is one of the biggest running events in the world and gives people from all communities the opportunity to take part and raise some money for a cause they’re passionate about.

This year, a band of runners from Cornwall supporting the Bodmin-based charity FLEET - Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust - took on the challenge and crossed the finish line, sweaty, exhausted but immensely proud of what they had achieved. The team, ‘Truronian’, overcame last minute nerves and excitement with a get-together at their accommodation, the Sheraton Skyline Hotel in Heathrow, and a feast at Carluccio’s next door. Conditions on the day proved perfect, and each runner did the team proud, with the fastest time being 2h55m.

Now, FLEET is encouraging people wanting to enter the ballot for the next London Marathon, taking place on Sunday 27th April 2025, to consider fundraising for their charity.

FLEET was set up by a group of Cornish ambulance staff in 1990 who wanted to improve emergency equipment for Cornwall’s ambulances. Since then, the charity has gone on to raise £1,000,000 which has helped to provide vital equipment to save lives throughout Cornwall, and has expanded its work to all Cornish services that provide emergency medical support, including the RNLI, Coastguard, air ambulance and other emergency response vehicles and teams.

Every year, FLEET enters a team of around 20 people, with each runner pledging to raise £2,500 for the charity. FLEET sets up the places within the race, deals with registration, transport and accommodation and offers further support throughout the training period.

A get-together in December allows the team to meet one another and arrange training sessions in pairs or small groups. FLEET also organises three meetings on the Camel Trail in the lead up to the marathon.

So if you’ve always dreamed of running the London Marathon, and would like to support a fantastic Cornish charity that does so much for our community, drop an email to For more information about FLEET, go to


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