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Save money on your heating bill this winter - South West Heating Solutions

Although higher bills are unavoidable for most of us this winter, there are a few things you can do to make your home more efficient, written by local heating provider and Which? trusted trader South West Heating Solutions. Call the team on 08000146600 for more advice.

Control: The more control you have over your heating, the better. If each of the radiators in your home can be controlled individually, set each room in your home to its own temperature and time schedule based on how you use that room. If you have central heating, turning down your thermostat by just 1°C means a 13% save on energy throughout the year. This could reduce your bills significantly.

Close: Always close doors to the rooms in your home so you’re not losing any heat, even if your heating is on throughout the house. This can also help prevent draughts.

Check: Make sure your systems are in good working order. Electric heating doesn’t need maintenance but wet systems do. Regular radiator bleeding and boiler servicing is important to ensure your system is as efficient as possible.

Change: If your heating or hot water needs updating, switch to an energy efficient system as possible within your budget. Thoroughly compare companies and quotes for different heating and hot water options. Think about initial cost but also longevity, maintenance and running costs.


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