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Studio Bodmin helps the next generation of musicians burst onto the local arts scene

Studio Bodmin is a new community project helping the next generation of musicians burst onto Bodmin’s ever-growing arts scene.

Jen in her studio

Led by musician Jen Groeber, Studio Bodmin is an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to create music. With 12 artists accepted onto the project, from the age of 13 to 70-something, they will create an album with a real singer-songwriter folk feel to it to be sold in the local area, with proceeds going back into another arts project for the community.

Funded by Arts Council England and supported by intoBodmin, Studio Bodmin is a hugely positive step for people wanting to make music, or simply explore undiscovered talents and abilities.

Jen, a part-time psychiatrist for the NHS when she’s not making music, applied for Arts Council England funding to create a community project while supporting her own musical developments. She said: “I wanted to create an album featuring local artists and give people around Bodmin a chance to have a professionally recorded track. I just think it would have been amazing to have this opportunity when I had started out.”

As part of the Arts Council England grant, which looks to support developing professionals, Jen has delved into a mixing and mastering course with a school based in London. Her previous music degree mainly focused on composition which means she is largely self taught on the technical side of music production, so the grant will allow her to expand her skill set.

With recording starting on 4th June and finishing this August, 12 artists have been accepted onto the project to each record and produce their very own track on the Studio Bodmin album, which will be released this September and available to buy in outlets across town. Thanks to intoBodmin, who are offering significant support, there are also plans to hold a gig to celebrate the artists involved in the project in September. It’s set to be a really positive event for the town, celebrating local talent, collaboration and community.

There will also be an opportunity for a student at Bodmin College to create the artwork for the Studio Bodmin album cover.

Jen added: “I wanted a real mix of genres, abilities and age groups to reflect the diversity of Bodmin.

“I’m very passionate about the arts from a mental health perspective too. A lot of people have undiscovered talents and abilities and it’s really nice to support people in exploring that.”

For more information about Studio Bodmin, email or visit


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