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Thanking community workers

We often wake up in the morning, get showered and ready, and crack on with the rest of our day - rushing about and not taking a moment to stop, can be a common occurrence for many of us.

But perhaps, in this busy world, we should all take a moment to stop and appreciate the people that work within our community, tirelessly keeping our streets clean, looking after our loved ones, teaching our young people, and delivering our pay-day treats in the post.

Perhaps, this winter when the darker months can cause our moods to also feel a little dull, we can brighten a community worker's day with a little ‘thank you’. This could be leaving a little festive treat for the post or bin men and women that pass by our houses each day and week.

It could be as simple as a smile and ‘hello’ to the friendly workers in orange that tidy our pavements and streets, a box of treats for staff and residents at a local care home, or a letter of thanks to your child’s favourite teacher!

Let us know what you're doing to put a smile on someone's face! Email


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