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The Beacon Grinch who stole our hearts this Christmas!

Beacon ACE Academy have released footage of a Grinch that lurks beneath their school and his attempt to steal their Christmas! But what happened? Well at Beacon they say – ‘that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day!’

The YouTube video created by Beacon Academy is a joyous parody of the Grinch story and has had 1.9k views. If there is a video to fill you with the spirit of Christmas, it is this one!

Bodmin Life spoke with Beacon Academy’s Head teacher, Kaye Haywood, she said, “It was a wonderful opportunity, especially in current times, for our children, community and staff to come together and have a really good laugh!”.

After creating a Christmas song for the children a few years ago, the teachers of Beacon Academy wanted to do something again this year. Kaye said, “It is our Christmas present to the children.”

So, WHO is WHO in Beaconville?

Teacher, Simon Rowe came up with the idea and put in plenty of his own spare time as producer, editor and the driving force behind this fun festive project which involved over 80 staff members.

Year 6 teacher, Mr Luke Herman played the starring role of the Grinch and what a great job he did! Luke even made sure to watch different versions of the Grinch to get the characteristics right! Now that’s commitment, and it paid off wonderfully!

In the role of 'Narrator' is Beacon Academy’s very own head teacher, Kaye Haywood, one of the many victims of the Grinch’s reign of terror throughout the school! Staff are wrapped up in Christmas paper, have things thrown at their heads, are taken for a ride, and blown away!! However, their unbreakable Christmas spirit soon wins him over and by the school’s final assembly the Grinch is seen dancing and throwing presents about!

Kaye said, “We do everything we can to make everything really special for the children. We have an incredible team that really want to do their very best for the children. A team that cares so much about the children and in giving them the best life chances and opportunities – I think that really comes across in the video.”

Their video ends on one of the most famous quotes from Dr Suess’ ‘The Grinch’, one that really sums up the community spirit and love their creation embodies and promotes:

‘Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.

Maybe Christmas…perhaps…was a little bit more!’

Click here to watch, ‘The Grinch that stole Beacon’s Christmas!’


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