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‘The House of Many Lives’: A love letter to Bodmin

If December marks the month where you have ‘The Holiday’ starring Jude Law and Cameron Diaz on repeat then look no further for a Christmas read than ‘The House of Many Lives’, a romantic novel set in our own town, Bodmin!

Local author LK Wilde has written a fiction novel whose Cornish setting might surprise some readers. After realising most books set in Cornwall feature pretty fishing villages or romantic moorland settings, LK Wilde felt it was time for a change and set her latest book in Bodmin.

Lk Wilde said, “Bodmin might not be the first place you’d think of to set a women’s fiction novel, but I felt it was about time our town was seen in a new light.”

Known for her Historical Fiction novels, this latest offering from LK Wilde is different to her usual style and was born out of the pandemic and the instruction to stay local.

She continued, “During the many lockdowns I was able to explore Bodmin in a way I never had before. In the book, the main character Kate inherits her grandmother’s house and moves to the town. I wanted readers to experience Bodmin through fresh eyes, to see the town for what it is rather than its at times negative reputation.”

In the end LK Wilde decided to set not one but two books in the town, with a Historical Fiction novel set in the town due for release early next year.

“My favourite thing as a writer is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.” said Wilde.

As with most Women’s Fiction novels there is a sprinkling of romance in the book. LK Wilde explains how, just like the book’s setting, it’s not the typical romantic hero you might expect. “On her first day in Bodmin, Kate meets a man called Bob. He’s not your typical romantic hero with a rippling six pack, he’s an ordinary man with a very big heart. In many ways he’s an analogy for the town; easily overlooked, but a real gem.”

The House of Many Lives is available on Amazon.

Bodmin Life enjoyed reading ‘The House of many Lives’, described by LK Wilde’s husband, who the book is dedicated to, as a ‘love letter to Bodmin’ and ‘highly recommended’ by Goodreads.

For a Bodmin resident, the detailed descriptions of familiar local places makes the story an even cosier read. The feel good love stories and character relationships that reflect local life that round off with a dramatic Christmas get together makes this the perfect gift to any Bodmin local or regular visitor this Christmas!


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