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Think about what you use...

Each issue, Russell Cosway from looks into one of the United Nation’s 17 goals to show how our community could be part of a global change. World leaders signed up to these 17 Sustainable Development Goals with the aim to deliver them by 2030.

In this edition, we focus on Goal 13: Climate Action.

There is a perception problem with climate ‘activism’ recently - organisations like Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britain have hit the headlines with extreme forms of protest. This is not what the SDG13 is all about, but we do need to be activists.

Climate change is generating more extreme weather, which causes events like droughts, floods and violent storms. These events are affecting water supplies, food production and the health of all life. Immediate action is needed to stop this situation getting any worse than it already is. Each and every person, especially those in developed countries, has a responsibility to take some form of action to help - climate action.

What difference can one person make?

It can seem petty or insignificant as to what a single person can do, but I’m sure you can think of one person who has inspired you to do something new or differently. What if your action inspired others? Every one of us has the power of action. It may be small, but that doesn’t make it less meaningful. Think about:

  • Changing where you buy - the more local the better;

  • Home insulation or turning the heating down or lights off;

  • Starting a conversation with others about climate change.

However, action is so much more visible in a community. Perhaps you could find a group in your area which is working on the issues. If not, could you start one with your friends?

Business caused the climate crisis

It’s a harsh statement, but over-consumerism, desire-driven marketing and the pursuit of profit at any cost has brought the climate to its knees. However, business is also the solution. Consumers are fast changing their buying habits - are you ready to deal with a radical change in your marketplace? The individual’s thinking points above are equally relevant to business - the good news is you already have a community of customers and workers to inspire.


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