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Walking with the dog this autumn

Autumn can be a lovely time to get outdoors with your beloved dog and escape from reality surrounded by Cornwall’s beautiful landscapes.

With colder, wetter weather conditions at this time of year, your regular walking route could be mucky and slippery, so it’s important to take care and invest in some sensible walking footwear/clothing. It’s wise to let someone know that you’ve gone out, and to keep a phone on you so that you can call someone if you get in a sticky situation.

With the nights drawing in, it’s also vital that you and your dog are as visible as possible to passing vehicles. Investing in reflective clothing for yourself, and reflective collars/harnesses/coats for your dog, is a great way of keeping safe when walking along the roads.

No matter the season, it’s always important to ensure your dog is under control when out and about, making for a safe, stress-free walk for you and your pooch. If you have any worries about walking your dog in the countryside, it’s worth checking out the Countryside Code.


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