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Collaboration between Cornish agencies aims to reduce the risk of wildfires on Bodmin Moor

An exciting collaboration between Bodmin Fire Station and a number of agencies across Cornwall has brought awareness to the risk of wildfires on Bodmin Moor, and how they can be prevented.

Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service and Bodmin Fire Station Orange Watch have collaborated with Cornwall Council (Highways), Devon & Cornwall Police (Rural Affairs), Bodmin Moor Commons Council, Forestry Commission England, Ministry of Defence & Natural England, to reduce wildfires and incidents on the moors, and in turn educate and raise awareness to members of the public.

The working group created a shared vision towards the project, and positive working relationships between all stakeholders have been formed. All of the above contributed to discussions and made suggestions that influenced decisions to implement their objectives, including raising awareness of the damage wildfires can cause and the resulting implications such as the risk to public safety, adverse effects to Sites of Special Scientific Interest and financial implications for businesses and the local economy.

As part of the project, the working group produced and distributed posters and leaflets to people on the moors, made sure fire breaks were put in place on the A30 to prevent wildfires affecting the carriageways, and purchased ten boulders to be used as marker posts in strategic locations and plaques containing user-friendly information. They also created site specific risk information, including drone images that will assist all attending services and agencies, and have produced a short code on each plaque to provide a pre-determined location, in conjunction with ‘What3Words’ and map references.

This collaborative work has made Bodmin Moor a safer place to work, live and visit, and the working group will continue to review, update and carry on this project.


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