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Free photography workshops in Bodmin

Henwyn Collective, run by three women in Cornwall and supported by intoBodmin, is running FREE photography workshops here in Bodmin this year, and looking for people to take part.

Led by creatives Kate, Kathryn and Natalie from Henwyn Collective, and working in conjunction with other creative practitioners, the workshops have come about thanks to funding that intoBodmin managed to acquire, following the success of similar workshops last year.

The photography workshops will take place in six blocks, every third Sunday of the month at the Old Library. The first of the blocks is Camera Basics, which began on 25th February, with the next sessions taking place on the 18th March and 20th April. People are welcome to join the further blocks to be announced later in the year, which will include topics such as documentary and portraiture, film photography, alternative photography and macro and product photography.

The workshops are part of intoBodmin's 'Roots and Routes', an 18-month community engagement project that seeks to celebrate Bodmin's heritage and contribute to its cultural revival.

Participants can bring their own cameras or camera phones, although cameras can be provided to those who do not have one. Kate, Kathryn and Natalie will guide participants through the basic photography techniques, building confidence and allowing everyone to have a go at snapping some shots!

There will be a visit to Kresen Kernow in Redruth, where participants can explore the vaults and see the prestigious Bodmin photographer George Ellis’ photographic images. He photographed Bodmin and the surrounding areas from 1939-1982. There they will learn about the history of photography, get to view some of the 90,000 glass plate negatives he made and see how they are digitised.

So, who should get involved in these exciting workshops? The team is looking to welcome anyone from the age of 19+ with an interest in photography. The workshops would be perfect for people wanting to make new friends and who would benefit from learning something new to build their confidence, while having fun!

Each session is four hours long, with refreshments provided. There will be two practitioners per session, offering support and encouragement, although the workshops are limited to just 20 people - so be sure to book your place as soon as possible!


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