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Pumpkin fun!

As Halloween approaches, you may be wondering how to make the most of your pumpkin. Here’s some ideas!

Create pumpkin soup bowls

Got some smaller pumpkins or squashes to use up? Why not whizz up a delicious pumpkin soup and serve them in your pumpkins? Simply carve out the pumpkin flesh and make your soup, then pour into the empty pumpkins, pop the hat - or lid - back on, and put in the oven until hot. It’s a pretty creative way of eating pumpkin soup, that’s for sure! Search for some recipes online for full instructions.

Donate to local farms

Don’t just toss your pumpkin after Halloween. Every year, many farms will often put out appeals for leftover pumpkins to feed to their animals. So head over to your local Facebook pages to see if a farmer is welcoming donations.

Throw away responsibly

It’s important to remember that not all wildlife can eat pumpkins, so please be mindful when discarding yours after Halloween. Wildlife charities discourage leaving the mout in woodlands and hedgerows, as it can make some animals sick and could affect the local environment. If you have a compost heap at home, you can put it on there, or simply put it in your food waste bin ready for collection.

Pinterest Inspiration

Get creative with your pumpkin carvings, and scour Pinterest for some ideas on how to make an impressive display. Use props from the garden, or other smaller Halloween decorations, and place your designs in the window or on the doorstep to give some trick or treaters a surprise!


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