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Scott successfully completes first marathon while supporting community group

A postman from Bodmin has successfully completed his very first marathon while raising money for a local community group.

Pictured (L-R): Dave Bidgeway, Scott Cavill, Kelvin Donaghy, Julie Bidgeway and Lesley Taphouse.

Scott Cavill, 47, started running in late 2019 as a way to support his mental and physical fitness. In November 2019, Scott decided to take part in a 5k race at Cardinham Woods and was pleased with his result.

Every year, Newquay puts on a 10k run, but in 2020 it had to go virtual due to Covid-19 restrictions, so participants were encouraged to run in their own towns.

Scott said: “My neighbour, Dave Bidgeway, is a runner who has completed the London Marathon. He and his wife Julie convinced me I could take part even though it would have been my longest run!

“I entered it and completed it, then in February 2022 - with Covid restrictions all but gone - Newquay hosted their 10k event. I entered and came 369th out of 738.”

Dave convinced Scott that he could run further than this and together they attempted the distance of a half marathon. But when his neighbour got involved in Bodmin’s very first marathon, Scott signed up, despite his doubts of running 26.2 miles.

With training underway, Scott turned his attention to the cause he wanted to support.

“As I was running my first marathon, I thought I would raise money for a Bodmin community group,” he said. “Mu choice was a group called ‘Equally Abled’, a social hub for adults and teenagers with disabilities or additional needs, offering them a place to hang out and meet others. They also offer employment and volunteer roles to gain valuable work experience.

“I know from personal experience how hard it is for people with disabilities to get help and support, because my son is partially sighted.”

Scott has known Equally Abled volunteer Kelvin Donaghy for many years. Kelvin owns the gaming cafe, The Pad, where the group meets, and asked if he could raise some money for the group.

Mentored by Balu Madavanhi, Scott ran the marathon with running partner Tracy Paul and fellow runner Sam Stevens, completing it in 5 hours, 49 minutes, 47 seconds.

In addition to this amazing achievement, Scott managed to raise a whopping £500 for Equally Abled, and thanks to the marathon committee that donated £500, they have been able to buy a gaming PC for the group.

Scott added: “I completed not only Bodmin’s first ever marathon, but my first marathon!”

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