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'That'll be the menopause' - meet the group breaking the stigma

A new support group for women going through the menopause has just been set up in Bodmin.

Annie Page and Debbie Warburton, co-founders of the group, are all too aware that women going through the menopause often need to take time out to talk about what they are experiencing.

Annie said: “So far it’s going really well. It’s hit a nerve with women in Bodmin. There’s been a lot of interest on our Facebook page ‘That’ll be the menopause’ and our first session was a huge success.”

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to the menopause. As well as hot flushes and mood swings, it can bring confusion, forgetfulness, ‘mind fog’, insomnia, aches and pains and heart palpitations. Some women sail through, but others have several symptoms that seem to gang up on them.

A stigma still seems to be attached to the menopause and it is a taboo subject for some. Assumptions and judgements may be cast on menopausal women in the workplace, forcing women to keep quiet about the life change they are going through due to the fear of being viewed differently and detrimentally.

Debbie said: “I work even harder at my job now to ensure I play a full part in the success of the


“The NHS has produced working policies for menopausal women. If only these could be

rolled out to all areas of work. Businesses need to adapt their working practices to get the best out of female employees going through the menopause.”

Annie added: “We see the importance of a support system outside the family – a place where women can tell each other the silly stuff that’s happened and empathise and laugh about it together.”

The date, time and venue of the support group meetings are posted on their Facebook page.

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