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What we’re doing to overcome Royal Mail distribution problems

Here at Bodmin Life, we are aware of the problems some people have been experiencing in relation to Royal Mail’s distribution - something that has directly affected us as a business relying on the postal service to deliver thousands of copies of our magazine to local residents.

We want to assure our readers that we are doing everything we can to overcome this issue. This includes delivering excess copies to local shops and town services and organisations so that you can simply pick a magazine up while you’re doing your shopping.

In the meantime, we ask that any Bodmin resident in the PL31 and PL32 area who hasn’t received a copy of Bodmin Life (between November 2021 and January 2022) to please get in touch with us, stating your postcode and village/area of Bodmin. This will help us figure out what we need to do to make sure all residents of Bodmin receive their copy of the magazine in future.

Please email with those details.


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