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Beacon Beast Marathon - Second marathon takes place in Priory Park

Sunday, 16th April saw the Bodmin Beast Marathon take place for a second year, giving local runners the opportunity to take part in a fantastic community event.

The marathon saw a number of participants, whether they were experienced runners adding the Bodmin Beast as another string to their bow, or beginners at this exhilarating event.

Phillip Henwood has run 100 marathons, and said: “This is the nicest one I’ve ever done!”

Running his 132nd marathon, Tony Rinaldi said: “It is one of the best. It’s not often you get so many good marshals, in the right places, and with smiling faces.”

Tracy Tonkin said: “I enjoyed it so much last year, I was the first to enter this year!”

Champagne flowed when Megan Carrey and Krissy, raising money for Air Ambulance, crossed the finish line.

First woman to cross the line, Jodie Gauld, said: “It was a really fun run with the right amount of mud! Next year I’ll be encouraging other speedy women to run with me.”

Soozie Trice took third place this year as she did last year.

This is another huge success for the Beacon Beast Marathon, with many local charities set to benefit from money raised. The plan is to make the run an annual event for Bodmin.


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